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The Latest News - Spring 2020

Currently in production

Pardon Them Dead 

In this Western TV series, when three young women travel to visit their mentor, they have an altercation that brings trouble to her land and the unconventional ladies who occupy it. Vivienne plays the sassy and snooty saloon girl, Juicy. 


Premiering Soon (Summer 2020)


In this esoteric thriller film, a sad man purchases a pornographic videotape; instead of a regular erotic video, he finds himself watching his parents have the very act that brought him into this world. 


March 2020

From March 13th-15th at The Producers Club, Vivienne will be playing Juliet in the new play Untragically Ever After by Evan Baughfman, a comedic reimagining of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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